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Every Sunday

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  • SUNDAY SCHOOL - 9:20 am Sunday

    Before the Memorial Meeting we run a children's class, where we teach stories and lessons from the Bible. Topics range from Creation, to Jonah and the whale, to Jesus' parables. All ages welcome. All teachers a have a Working with Children Clearance.

  • MEMORIAL MEETING - 11:00 am Sunday

    The Breaking of Bread is our service of remembrance of God’s love in giving us Jesus. We spend time listening to one of our members encouraging us to live as followers of Christ (Christians) and worshipping God in prayers and hymns. This includes the sharing of bread and wine for baptised members. You are very welcome to come along and listen.

  • BIBLE CLASS - 8:00 pm Wednesday

    Our Bible class is intended to further our understanding of God’s word, so we take a more in-depth look at one aspect of the Bible each week. One of our members shares his findings about a subject he has studied, and there is a short time for questions and discussion afterwards, as well as tea and biscuits.


We believe the Bible is God's inspired Word, and contains the only true message for salvation. It is also our handbook for how we live our lives now, and its teachings govern the way we behave. Our beliefs and faith are based solely on this amazing book of life.
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There is only one God, He created our universe and everything in it. He is immortal, all-powerful, and all-wise. Despite being so far above us in every way, the Bible often describes Him as a Father, who loves and cares for us, and looks on us as His children. In fact, He loved mankind so much He allowed His only true child, Jesus, to die an undeserved death for our sins, so we can be saved.
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God’s son was a mortal human, just like us, and experienced the same inclination to sin that we struggle with every day. Unlike us, however, Jesus never gave in to any temptation to do wrong or please himself, but led a life of complete obedience to God. Jesus’ love for his father was so great, he went willingly to a terrible death on the cross, and became a perfect and sinless sacrifice for the whole of mankind. Because of this faithfulness, Jesus overcame and destroyed the power of sin. As he did not deserve to die, God raised him from death, and gave him immortality.
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We are instructed by Jesus to repent and be baptised in order to be saved. Repenting involves realising that we have sinned, feeling remorse for it, and resolving to change our lives for the better. Baptism is then a public symbol of this inner change, a ‘washing-away’ of our old sins, and the beginning of a life following Jesus.
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After his resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven to be with his Father. We have been promised, however, that he will return to this Earth sometime in the future to set up God’s kingdom which he will reign over as a perfect and righteous King. The faithful dead will be raised and given immortality, along with those still living at Jesus’ return. The Earth will be restored to its former glory, there will be no more war, violence, injustice, famine, disease, sorrow, sin, or dying, and all creation will live together in perfect harmony with God.

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